55:Upcoming Events:Darwin Day/Anthro Day

4 02 2009

February 12th marks the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth. As if that isn’t a big enough deal, it’s also Anthro Day!

There will be two lectures by Dr. Ronald T. Marchese, one on the 11th and one on the 12th (see below for more information). Additionally, on Feb. 12th we will be having a reception in PB390 from about 2-7pm. Everyone is welcome. It is a great way to mingle and speak to Dr. Marchese, as well as fellow anthro and Darwin fans. Refreshments and food will be served.

Hope to see you there!

55:Upcoming Events:Lecture Series

4 02 2009

Lecture Series

Special Guest Lecturer: Dr. Ronald T. Marchese

Armenian Sacred Art                                   Archaeological Site of Plataiai

Wednesday February 11, 2009                 Thursday February 12, 2009

Alice Peters Auditorium 7pm                Alice Peters Auditorium 7pm

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Both lectures will be presented by the distinguished Dr. Ronald T. Marchese, Professor at the University of Minnesota of Duluth and two-time recipient of the Fulbright Fellowships

Hosted by:

The Anthropology Club,

the Armenian Club, and