50: AnthroNews: Outreach

20 05 2008

This year, part of the Fresno State senior capstone experience (Anth 195) included student outreach presentations at local high schools and community colleges where anthropology students educated prospective students about the discipline and the department. Lead by upperclassmen Steven Colagiovanni, the great success of this effort was noted by the entire Anthro Department, which plans to continue these efforts in the following year. The schools were so impressed by the presentations that many have invited our students to return next Spring.

50: AnthroClub: Wrap Up

20 05 2008

Here are some things that happened this school year:
+December 8th, Anthro Club members went to Cherry Auction to sale items for Hinds Hospice, all proceeds from the sales will benefit the non-profit organization.
+February 5th was “Anthropology Day” and distinguished speaker Mark Dawson spoke at our school about ethics in involving anthropology, buissnesses, and the war
+March 12th, the Anthro club co-sponsored the Iraq War Panel Discussion titled “Five Years of War in Iraq.”
+March 9th was spent decorating tote bags at Dr. Mullooly’s home for use in promotions
+April 5th was a field trip day to La Brea Tar Pits and Fowler Museum at UCLA.
+ April 11th, the CSU Fresno was represented at the Southwestern Anthropological Association (SWAA). The panel featured the works done by the IPA.
+On April 12th the Anthropology Club participated in Student Services Information Fair on Preview Day.
+April 23rd was a “movie night” at which a film, made by the AAA’s about careers in anthro was shown.
+Dr. Gruenbaum was made an honorary lifetime member of the club at her last lecture at CSU Fresno on April 24th. Dr. Gruenbaum is moving to Purdue University to Chair their Anthropology Department.
+Lastly, on May 5th tote bags were sold at the archaeology lecture hosted by the AIA on campus.

48: Fresno State Anthros in the News

15 04 2008

This was an active week for Fresno State Anthros in the mass media.

The first story, the cover of Fresno State news includes among the the most read (clicked) news article on fresnostatenews.com a story about the Ethnography in Industry class designed by Hank Delcore; the first Tri-College initiative on the Fresno State campus (combing students and faculty from the Colleges of Social Science, Business and Engineering) at: http://www.csufresno.edu/ipa/epm.html

Link to more background on the Institute of Public Anthropology web site.

The second story, in the current issue of E-Action, an entrepreneurship e-journal, holds an story authored by our very own AnthroGeek, Jim Mullooly. The story, entitled, ” Are entrepreneurs actually Ferengi in disguise?” was written on his personal blog TheAnthroGeek then picked up by E-Action.

The third story regards Jim Mullooly and Jason Scroggings who participated in the Second Quality of Life Symposium.

48: AnthroNews: College Display Case “Rocks” the Kasbah w/ Anthro

15 04 2008

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