57: AnthroNews: EmpFresnoState Blog

14 04 2009

[The following is from the blog of the Anthropology, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship]

by Dalitso Ruwe
Have to admit, I felt it was going to be a daunting task when I was asked to coordinate a design workshop for our potential target audience for our product. Sure the folks at IDEO made it look easy when we watched their video in class but things often are different in reality than what we see on the screen. Nevertheless, I welcomed the challenge as an aspiring Social Scientist/Entrepreneur.
Using ethnography techniques I have been exposed to in class, Dr. Delcore and I were able to come up with three ideal prompts for our pilot workshop. For the first workshop we solicited eight local musicians who are pretty well established in town and have been acquainted with each other either through a mutual friend or played at the same venue. As the attendees began to come in and converse about various projects they are all working on, I began to realize that whichever marketing guru ever said “Your customers don’t know what they want” must have been in a closed room working as a “lone genius” trying to come up with the next best marketing idea. Listening to the conversation going on in the room it was apparent that no one knows more about your product than your customers who interact with the product on a daily basis and often cover up their frustration with the products by finding innovative ways to supplement what the original product lacks or go buy a different product.


48: Fresno State Anthros in the News

15 04 2008

This was an active week for Fresno State Anthros in the mass media.

The first story, the cover of Fresno State news includes among the the most read (clicked) news article on fresnostatenews.com a story about the Ethnography in Industry class designed by Hank Delcore; the first Tri-College initiative on the Fresno State campus (combing students and faculty from the Colleges of Social Science, Business and Engineering) at: http://www.csufresno.edu/ipa/epm.html

Link to more background on the Institute of Public Anthropology web site.

The second story, in the current issue of E-Action, an entrepreneurship e-journal, holds an story authored by our very own AnthroGeek, Jim Mullooly. The story, entitled, ” Are entrepreneurs actually Ferengi in disguise?” was written on his personal blog TheAnthroGeek then picked up by E-Action.

The third story regards Jim Mullooly and Jason Scroggings who participated in the Second Quality of Life Symposium.