57: Contents

14 04 2009

Salutations everyone. Here is what we have in this months issue.

1. AnthroClub Minutes by Selena Farnesi

2. TheAnthroGuys Blog post by anthroguy, aka Dr. Delcore

3. EmpFresnoState Blog post by Dalitso Ruwe

4. SWAA 2009 by Ashlee Dotson

5. Darwin Awards

52: What’s In The Issue

26 10 2008

Hello again! In this issue we have some treats for you!

1. Anthropologist of the Fortnight by Chrystal Kinsella

2. AnthroClub Minutes by Alecia Barela

3. AnthroNews:Anthropology and the New Campus Library by Dr. Delcore and Dr. Mullooly

4. Upcoming Events: Women Studies Hosting Kathrine Switzer by Kathryn Forbes

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