22 05 2008

By Jim Mullooly

Student: Hey AnthroGeek, what’s “the missing link”?

AnthroGeek: Historically, this was a “black box”, id est (i.e., “i.e.,”) an over-generalized reference for some sort of primate postulated to bridge the evolutionary gap between anthropoid apes and humans. Although an outdated term, some might use this term to refer to fellow anthropology majors – who have yet to attend a department reception!

Student: Oh, I get it, a joke. real funny, yeah, ha ha


18 02 2008


TheAnthroGeek by Jim Mullooly

Student: Hey AnthroGeek, what happens when you put a bunch of ethnographers and archeologists in a room and ask them to define culture?

TheAnthroGeek: Well, that is an interesting question. Whereas the archeologists may prefer to focus on artifact-based definitions of culture, the ethnographers would likely focus on socio-cultural aspects of the definition.

Student: No, no, no, that’s when anthropology gets “physical”, get it!?!?!

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