53: In This Issue

13 11 2008

Welcome to another issue! Here’s what you’ll find:

1. AnthroClub Minutes by Alecia Barela

2. Anthropologist of the Fortnight by Chrystal Kinsella

3. Upcoming Events: Blood Drive & Marrow Registry

4. Lecture: “Forensic Archaeology: CSI Meets Indiana Jones” by Dr. John Pryor

As always, please contact us if you have questions or would like to submit something and please feel free to leave comments!


53: AnthroClub:Minutes

13 11 2008

Alecia Barela
Hello Anthros!
At our last club meeting members voted on the next design for club T-shirts. The T-shirts will feature ::drum roll:: the club’s mascot Doc the Douc. We are also in the process of setting-up a Toy Drive to run November 19th-December 19th.
The club would like to announce these exciting classes available to students next semester:
Anth 159T – Pacific Island Archaeology
Anth 111B – Ethnographic Research
Anth 138T – Engineering for People and Markets
EES 250T – Terrestrial Paleoclimates
This Saturday, November 15th, we will be having a club excursion to the Clark Center for Japanese Art and Culture in Hanford, CA. We will meet in Parking Lot J at CSU Fresno at noon. Admission to the Clark Center is free to all Fresno State students, so don’t forget your student ID. More information about the Clark Center can be found at: http://www.ccjac.org

53: Upcoming Events: Forensic Archaeology: CSI Meets Indiana Jones

13 11 2008





Dr. John Pryor

Chair, Department of Anthropology Fresno State

Monday, December 1st 7:00 PM

Alice Peters Auditorium University Business Center


Sponsored by:

Fresno County Archaeological Society/San Joaquin Valley Chapter, AIA

Department of Geography, CSUF

Department of Anthropology, CSUF