50:Dearly Departed: “Hill Jenny” Morgan (class of 2007)

22 05 2008

Jenny Morgan aka Hill Jenny (Class of 2007, Senior or the Year award winner), reports that her first year since  graduation was a great success.  After her first year of graduate school in a Midwifery program, she writes of a chance meeting with a luminary of our field:

Robbie Davis-Floyd and Jenny Morgan at a recent midwifery conference talking anthropology

Robbie Davis-Floyd[at left] & Jenny Morgan, 2008

Hey Mullooly,

I thought you might like to know that I was able to meet Robbie Davis-Floyd (highly regarded anthropologist of Childbirth and Midwifery [on the right]) and we got to talk a lot of anthropology.  She made some great suggestions, such as keeping notes of my experience of learning to be a midwife. She says no one has written anything about that yet. Just wanted to let you know that even though I am knee deep in midwifery, anthropoloy is still a part of my studies. I have attached a photo of her and me at the recent midwifery conference. 


48 Anthro Alum: Where are They Now?

15 04 2008

Gilberto Lopez graduated from Fresno State last year. He is now attending grad school at Southern Methodist University on scholarship. He is pictured here at the SfAAs in Memphis with Dr. Ellen Gruenbaum, and his new classmates.

47:Greetings from the 2007 Graduate of the Year “Hill Jenny” Morgan

6 03 2008


All is well here. I am heavily involved in the midwifery program in Seattle and attend births in the valley with two wonderful teacher midwives. I think about the anthro department at Fresno State often, and can’t wait to get my feet in anthropology again. I still plan to further my studies in the subject but that will have to wait a few years, in fact most things will have to wait a while. This is an intense program that requires almost every bit of my time- from studying, attending office visits and being on call for births I rarely have time for my family obligations. I will be done with the program in 2 years and then will be able to practice legally in the state of California. I still check my Fresno State email often and I like to see what’s going on over there. Please keep in touch, and if you ever get some crazy students interested in birth please let me know. I don’t mind helping out where I can. I hope your family, and the department, is doing well. I miss everyone. Maybe one of these days I’ll make it to an event so I can see everyone.