57: AnthroClub:Minutes

14 04 2009

By Selena Farnesi

At the March 26, 2009 Anthropology Club meeting, we took count of our ongoing fundraisers and brainstormed new ways to raise money for our club. Please let the club know of any ideas by commenting on our blog. As you all know, we have been selling tote bags this year. The bags depict each of the four sub-disciplines of anthropology with both a heading and representative logo. There were 21 tote bags left, Ten of them were sold by our President Vinny, Editor in Chief Ashlee, and Kathryne [as of April 7, 2009 the count may be different]. If anyone is interested in purchasing one, there may be some left, talk to Kathryne or Dr. Mullooly.
Thanks to the productiveness of tote bag sales, we have been able to add $122.25 to the Anthropology account. We have started to think of new fundraisers and fun. The top ideas presented in last week’s meeting were t-shirt sales, membership fees, donations from the Fresno County Archaeological Society, and speaker presentations/book sales.
In new business, the Anthropology club has decided it may be a great idea to sponsor the Amnesty International club’s Genocide Awareness Day project. The project will consist of booths for multiple groups who have been victims of genocide with an emphasis on Darfur. If anyone would like to help support this event and represent the Anthropology Club, you could potentially receive community service hours and/or extra credit – please talk to your respective teachers.
The event will be held on Wednesday, April 29th from 8:00am – 2:00pm. Please contact Dr. Mullooly if you are willing to participate in the event.

56:AnthroClub Minutes

1 03 2009

By Ashlee Dotson and Selena Farnesi
On Febuary 26th, 2009 the Anthro Club held the second meeting of the semester. Dr. Mullooly graciously paid for pizza for the 11 members in attendance.
In terms of old business, here is what happened:
The meetings will be held at 1:00pm in PB390. Our next meeting will be on March 5th (we hope to see everyone there!).
Chrystal Kinsella resigned from her administration role on the Anthro Club’s Facebook page. We want to thank her for the work she did in promoting and keeping everyone informed.
The new business is as follows:
The department secretary, Sherry Reich, planned on going to the Holy Land; as many of you know we did a garage sale fundraiser for her to fulfill her dream, at which we raised 700 dollars. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances the trip has been postponed indefinitely.
Sherry is very grateful to everyone who helped her raise the money and wanted to return the money to the club.
Ashlee Dotson and Kathryn Johnson motioned that the money be saved for Sherry in the event that she is able to go to the Holy Land, the members in attendance supported the motion.
The club made tote-bags as a means of a fundraiser last year. They were lost for sometime in Dr. Mullooly’s garage, but they have been located! We will attempt to sell them at the Fresno County Archaeological Society lectures that take place the first Monday of every month as well as at the Anthro Night Socials on the first Tuesday of the month.
The next meeting, as mentioned above, will be March 5th. We will continue having pizza, but anyone who comes must bring one or two dollars to cover the cost of the pizza as it is unfair for Dr. Mullooly to continue paying out of his own pocket.
Hope to see everyone there March 5th!


4 02 2009

The Anthropology club had very exciting meeting on Thursday, 1-29-09, with over 20 in attendance and lots of extra FREE pizza.

The new club officers were elected on and are as follows: President Venessa, Vice President Kate, Secretary Selina, Treasurer Ben, Editor in Chief Ashlee, and the new position of Liason Chrystal. The Liason position was created to  illustrate the new connections between the Antrophology Club to the Fresno County Archaeological Society.

Future meetings this semester will be held every other Thursday at 12:45pm in the Peters Business building Room 390. The dates are as follows:

-February 12th (This is Anthro day and there will be a reception from 2pm-7pm in the same room, instead of the normal meeting) and 26th

-March5th and19th

-April 2nd, 16th, and 30th

-May 7th and 21st (This is the last Anthro Club meeting of the semester.)

Do you want to stay up to date with the Anthro Club? Join our Facebook group. All the latest club and related events and lectures will be posted. Also, the clubs bi-weekly minutes will be posted. Click the link, CSUF AnthroClubFacebook .

53: AnthroClub:Minutes

13 11 2008

Alecia Barela
Hello Anthros!
At our last club meeting members voted on the next design for club T-shirts. The T-shirts will feature ::drum roll:: the club’s mascot Doc the Douc. We are also in the process of setting-up a Toy Drive to run November 19th-December 19th.
The club would like to announce these exciting classes available to students next semester:
Anth 159T – Pacific Island Archaeology
Anth 111B – Ethnographic Research
Anth 138T – Engineering for People and Markets
EES 250T – Terrestrial Paleoclimates
This Saturday, November 15th, we will be having a club excursion to the Clark Center for Japanese Art and Culture in Hanford, CA. We will meet in Parking Lot J at CSU Fresno at noon. Admission to the Clark Center is free to all Fresno State students, so don’t forget your student ID. More information about the Clark Center can be found at: http://www.ccjac.org

52: AnthroClub: Minutes

26 10 2008

Alecia Barela
Due to Election Day, our next meeting has been rescheduled to Thursday, November 6th in PB 390. So GO VOTE & let your voice be heard on November 4th!

We are still accepting suggestions for the Anthro Club T-shirt design. You are welcome to submit a design as a JPEG attachment in an email to me. The deadline for submission is November 1st. Please submit only original designs, we cannot accept any copyrighted material. Additionally designs should be black & white or contain a very limited amount of color.

At this time I would like to again extend my invitation to club members for any thoughts, suggestions, or ideas they may have for the Anthro Club. I believe a club should strive to represent all its members and their interests, so please feel free to contact me with any suggestions you might have.

51: AnthroClub: Minutes

28 09 2008

Kathryne Johnson

Here are the minutes from the new secretary of the club!

Our Thursday meeting times have changed to Tuesdays to allow for the
attendance of our faculty advisers. Therefore, we will be meeting every other Tuesday at 4pm and every other Wednesday at 12:15. Be on the lookout for any changes, as we are trying to get our meetings set in stone.
On October 18th, several of us will be volunteering at the Community Food Bank from 8am to 12pm. The address for the event is 3403 E. Central Avenue, Fresno 93725. I know that I am willing to carpool from the campus. It’s a great opportunity to volunteer!
We also have received our bank statement for the club and our funds are currently at $309.53. So any fundraising ideas are always appreciated. We are currently thinking about a possible yard sale.
The club is also trying to get an Anthropology speaker, so if anyone has any connections, please let us know! We are also throwing around ideas for next semester when we have Darwin Day (2/12/09) and Anthro Day.
And last, but not least, the Anthro Club is putting together a Facebook group as another mode of communication to let you know about important dates, displaying meeting minutes, and sharing in discussion. The link is http://www.new.facebook.com/group.php?gid=28908403206 Make sure to sign
up and tell your Anthro friends!
If ever there are any questions about the meetings, feel free to email
me Kathryn.

50: AnthroClub: Wrap Up

20 05 2008

Here are some things that happened this school year:
+December 8th, Anthro Club members went to Cherry Auction to sale items for Hinds Hospice, all proceeds from the sales will benefit the non-profit organization.
+February 5th was “Anthropology Day” and distinguished speaker Mark Dawson spoke at our school about ethics in involving anthropology, buissnesses, and the war
+March 12th, the Anthro club co-sponsored the Iraq War Panel Discussion titled “Five Years of War in Iraq.”
+March 9th was spent decorating tote bags at Dr. Mullooly’s home for use in promotions
+April 5th was a field trip day to La Brea Tar Pits and Fowler Museum at UCLA.
+ April 11th, the CSU Fresno was represented at the Southwestern Anthropological Association (SWAA). The panel featured the works done by the IPA.
+On April 12th the Anthropology Club participated in Student Services Information Fair on Preview Day.
+April 23rd was a “movie night” at which a film, made by the AAA’s about careers in anthro was shown.
+Dr. Gruenbaum was made an honorary lifetime member of the club at her last lecture at CSU Fresno on April 24th. Dr. Gruenbaum is moving to Purdue University to Chair their Anthropology Department.
+Lastly, on May 5th tote bags were sold at the archaeology lecture hosted by the AIA on campus.