57:AnthroNews: SWAA 2009

14 04 2009

By Ashlee Dotson
Seven students from this years ethnography class will be attending the Southwestern Anthropological Association’s conference in Las Vegas April 30th to May 3rd to present a panel in the style of Pecha Kucha regarding various studies done by the students and the IPA. Pecha Kucha is a fast and to the point way of presenting; the presentations averaging about 6 minutes each. The title of the panel is “The Institute of Public Anthropology: Practicing Relevant Methodologies for the San Joaquin Valley.”
The first four presentations are related to the Library and the work done so far on the study; Ashlee Dotson will be presenting on “Inspiration vs. Confirmation: Navigating the Treacherous Waters of Ethnographic Methods.” While Alecia Barela focuses on “Renovations: The Remodeling of a Library and Reshaping of Student Scholarship” and Kimberly Arnold takes “A Glimpse into Student Life: Student Ethnography.” Dalitso Ruwe will discuss “Reverence vs. Reference Theory.” Felicia Salcedo and Jaime San Andres will be presenting on ArchHop and the work they did. Elfego Franco looks at “Ethnography in Business” and David Moore focuses on “Interdisciplinary Classes and Anthropology.”
So, wish them luck and a safe trip! And expect to hear all about it upon their return to Fresno.



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