56:Anthropologist of the Fortnight

1 03 2009

By Chrystal Kinsella
Dr. Ronald T. Marchese

Dr. Ronald T. Marchese was born and raised in Fresno, CA. He got his Bachelors degrees in History and Anthropology from CSU Fresno and his Masters degree from NYU. All through out high school Marchese planned to become an Architect. It was in his early years at Fresno State that he realized architecture was not what he wanted to pursue. He had always been interested in Archaeology so it worked out nicely for him. He still uses all of his architecture knowledge in his archaeology work today.
He is a professor at the University of Minnesota, teaching classes in ancient history and archaeology. He also teaches graduate classes on the Minneapolis campus and undergraduate classes on the Duluth campus.
Dr. Marchese is the winner of two Fullbright Research Awards. With these awards he studied the settlement archaeology in Western Turkey. More specifically, he studied early to complex urban societies and landscape architecture. From this work he produced two books. Dr. Marchese has also done extensive work on ethnoarchaeology in South East Turkey.
Dr. Marchese would like to leave the students of Fresno State with some words of wisdom. If you want grant money for digs, you must generate a lot of research data. Also, Anthropology is more than just the classes. A person needs to extend their reach outside of the classroom while they are still a student. It is important for an anthropology student to learn at least one other language which can be used in the field.




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