56:AnthroClub Minutes

1 03 2009

By Ashlee Dotson and Selena Farnesi
On Febuary 26th, 2009 the Anthro Club held the second meeting of the semester. Dr. Mullooly graciously paid for pizza for the 11 members in attendance.
In terms of old business, here is what happened:
The meetings will be held at 1:00pm in PB390. Our next meeting will be on March 5th (we hope to see everyone there!).
Chrystal Kinsella resigned from her administration role on the Anthro Club’s Facebook page. We want to thank her for the work she did in promoting and keeping everyone informed.
The new business is as follows:
The department secretary, Sherry Reich, planned on going to the Holy Land; as many of you know we did a garage sale fundraiser for her to fulfill her dream, at which we raised 700 dollars. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances the trip has been postponed indefinitely.
Sherry is very grateful to everyone who helped her raise the money and wanted to return the money to the club.
Ashlee Dotson and Kathryn Johnson motioned that the money be saved for Sherry in the event that she is able to go to the Holy Land, the members in attendance supported the motion.
The club made tote-bags as a means of a fundraiser last year. They were lost for sometime in Dr. Mullooly’s garage, but they have been located! We will attempt to sell them at the Fresno County Archaeological Society lectures that take place the first Monday of every month as well as at the Anthro Night Socials on the first Tuesday of the month.
The next meeting, as mentioned above, will be March 5th. We will continue having pizza, but anyone who comes must bring one or two dollars to cover the cost of the pizza as it is unfair for Dr. Mullooly to continue paying out of his own pocket.
Hope to see everyone there March 5th!



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