56: Greetings!!

1 03 2009

Welcome back to Culture Inscribed, CSU Fresno’s Anthropology department newsletter!
We have a packed issue for you and hope you enjoy! Here’s what you will find:

1.AnthroClub Minutes by Ashlee Dotson and Selena Farnesi
2.Anthropologist of the Fortnight, Dr. Marchese by Chrystal Kinsella
3.AnthroNews: TheAnthroGuys blog by Dr Delcore
4.AnthroTerm by Chrystal Kinsella
5.Darwin Awards by Chrystal Kinsella (taken from darwinawards.com)
6.Central California Research Symposium by Dr. Mullooly

Please, feel free to make comments and suggestions. If you have any questions or have a submission please contact the me, the editor, at pinkmonkeycaru[at]gmail.com.
We are looking for people who are willing to contribute on a regular basis, so if you would like to or have any questions regarding what the ‘job’ entails, please contact me.



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