52: Upcoming Events: Women Studies

26 10 2008

Kathryn Forbes

The CSUF Women’s Studies Program will host Kathrine Switzer on November 7, 2008 at 7pm in the Satellite Student Union. We are writing to you all to help us publicize the event and to enlist your support in reaching out to students. We believe that this event will be inspirational to girls and women.

Switzer is the woman who broke the gender barrier at the previously all-male Boston Marathon in 1967, an incident that revolutionized the sports world when she was physically attacked by the race director for wearing official numbers in the race. The photo of this incident flashed around the globe and became one of Time-Life’s “100 Photographs that Changed the World.” Switzer was radicalized by the incident and went on run 35 marathons and to win the 1974 New York City Marathon, then led the drive to get the women’s marathon into the Olympic Games. After organizing the Avon International Running Circuit for over a million women in 27 countries, Switzer has now has turned her running passion into work as a television broadcaster, author and public speaker. She has covered all the major marathons in North America as well as the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, and won an Emmy award in 1997. Her latest book, a memoir entitled MARATHON WOMAN, is presently electrifying the running world. Other books include Running and Walking for Women Over 40 and 26.2 Marathon Stories, co-authored with her husband, well-known masters runner Roger Robinson. Switzer is an inspiring speaker and will be a featured guest of the Eye Q Trail of 2 Cities Marathon, where she will speak at the Saturday night pasta dinner for runners. Our event is open to the public and may be attended by folks not running in the Trail of Two Cities half and full marathon. For more information about Kathrine visit: http://www.kathrineswitzer.com




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