47: AnthoNews: IPA Members Image a Brighter Future in the San Joaquin Valley

16 03 2008

Students and faculty of Fresno State’s Institute of Public Anthropology will be presenting the latest findings on Institute projects at the SWAA Annual Meeting at California State University, Fullerton on Friday, April 11th, 2:30-5:00.

Session Title: Imagining a Brighter Future in the San Joaquin Valley: A Report on the Ongoing Projects of the Institute of Public Anthropology
Chair: James Mullooly (CSU, Fresno)

James Mullooly (CSU, Fresno)
Imagining a “Mechanical Induction”: Getting the Most Out of Qualitative Software While Staying True to One’s Ethnographic Roots

Michael Scroggins (CSU, Fresno)
Waiting to be Seated: Constructing a New Restaurant Paging System

Alecia Barela (CSU, Fresno)
Contesting Images in Transition: AThrift Shop Parado

Bethany Ranson (CSU, Fresno)

Digital Boundaries to Brighter Futures: Crossing the Rural Digital Divide in the San Joaquin Valley

Heather Cruz (CSU, Fresno)

Translation in Transition: Framing a Seamless Translation Sequence




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