47: AnthroNews: Club Minutes

4 03 2008

The design for the new Anthro Club tote bags is decided; it will consist in our name, the four(possibly three) subfields of anthropology, and the motto created by Alecia Barela, “everything humanly possible.” This design will be applied to the tote bags on Saturday, March 9th, 12:00-onward. Following Anthro Club tradition, Jim Mullooly has volunteered his house as a location for tote bag decorating. If possible, bring an iron for design application.

“Culture Inscibed,” the anthropology department newsletter, edited by Jim Mullooly, has a new editorial board. Features include: Anthropologist of the Fortnight (Chrystal), Terms of Interest (Christina), the (in)famous AnthroGeek (Jim) and, of course, regular updates on local anthroplogical doings. The printed version will come out on Mondays after an Anthro Club meeting. If you have copy to submit, please send it to Jim Mullooly, jmullo@csufresno.edu. “Preview Day,” a special visiting day for prospective students, includes a Student Services Information Fair in the Student Recreation Center, held Saturday, April 12th: 12:30-2pm. Anthro Club is one of the participating organizations. Come, tell the world about the joys of being a Fresno State anthropology student.

Our newest event, the second official Anthro Club Fieldtrip, is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 5th, to the La Brie Tar Pits. See our “Events” page for a complete list of Anthro Club happenings (http://groups.google.com/group/fresno-state-anthro-club).




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