57: Contents

14 04 2009

Salutations everyone. Here is what we have in this months issue.

1. AnthroClub Minutes by Selena Farnesi

2. TheAnthroGuys Blog post by anthroguy, aka Dr. Delcore

3. EmpFresnoState Blog post by Dalitso Ruwe

4. SWAA 2009 by Ashlee Dotson

5. Darwin Awards

57: AnthroClub:Minutes

14 04 2009

By Selena Farnesi

At the March 26, 2009 Anthropology Club meeting, we took count of our ongoing fundraisers and brainstormed new ways to raise money for our club. Please let the club know of any ideas by commenting on our blog. As you all know, we have been selling tote bags this year. The bags depict each of the four sub-disciplines of anthropology with both a heading and representative logo. There were 21 tote bags left, Ten of them were sold by our President Vinny, Editor in Chief Ashlee, and Kathryne [as of April 7, 2009 the count may be different]. If anyone is interested in purchasing one, there may be some left, talk to Kathryne or Dr. Mullooly.
Thanks to the productiveness of tote bag sales, we have been able to add $122.25 to the Anthropology account. We have started to think of new fundraisers and fun. The top ideas presented in last week’s meeting were t-shirt sales, membership fees, donations from the Fresno County Archaeological Society, and speaker presentations/book sales.
In new business, the Anthropology club has decided it may be a great idea to sponsor the Amnesty International club’s Genocide Awareness Day project. The project will consist of booths for multiple groups who have been victims of genocide with an emphasis on Darfur. If anyone would like to help support this event and represent the Anthropology Club, you could potentially receive community service hours and/or extra credit – please talk to your respective teachers.
The event will be held on Wednesday, April 29th from 8:00am – 2:00pm. Please contact Dr. Mullooly if you are willing to participate in the event.

57: AnthroNews:TheAnthroGuys Blog

14 04 2009

AnthroNews:TheAnthroGuys Blog
By theanthroguy (aka Dr. Delcore)

My last few postings have been about ArcHop and plans for developing more affordable, high-density living spaces in downtown Fresno. But now that the Feb. 5 exhibit is over and we’re in data analysis mode on that one, I’m back to having the library on my mind more than ever.
Fresno State just opened a new library this month – find it on facebook by searching “Henry Madden Library.” But already for the last six months, The Anthro Guys and our students have been studying student life for the library. Dean Peter McDonald commissioned the study last year. His goal is to increase student usage, enhance the experience of all users, and make the library central to campus life. That’s a tall order, but when we met him, Dean McDonald was already aware of Nancy Fried Foster and Susan Gibbons’ “Studying Students: The Undergraduate Research Project at the University of Rochester.” Rochester anthros Foster and Gibbons, in collaboration with their campus librarians, probed student study and paper-writing habits and translated the results into design insights for library services. Dean McDonald saw the potential for an ethnographic study of Fresno State students to help him achieve his goals for library services, and the study was off and running.
What are we doing? Over the next few weeks, I’ll try to post about our actual research activities. Last fall, we attended the Participatory Design Conference at Indiana University and came away with a wealth of new methodological ideas. Most are united by the reality that merely asking people what they want in products and services is woefully inadequate to inspiring better design for rich user experience. In general, people simply can’t tell you what they want from something as complex as “the library.” However, they do know – at some level – what makes for a rich experience. The challenge is to get that out of them, find the design insights, and translate them into actions and policies. Consequently, one thing we’re deep into right now is Student Theater. In Student Theater, we direct some student participants in the first half of a skit that implicates the library somehow, then invite other student participants to direct the players toward a conclusion.

[This is not the end of the blog, for the rest of it, and others go to theanthroguys blog here: http://theanthroguys.com/2009/03/02/the-library-study/]

57: AnthroNews: EmpFresnoState Blog

14 04 2009

[The following is from the blog of the Anthropology, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship]

by Dalitso Ruwe
Have to admit, I felt it was going to be a daunting task when I was asked to coordinate a design workshop for our potential target audience for our product. Sure the folks at IDEO made it look easy when we watched their video in class but things often are different in reality than what we see on the screen. Nevertheless, I welcomed the challenge as an aspiring Social Scientist/Entrepreneur.
Using ethnography techniques I have been exposed to in class, Dr. Delcore and I were able to come up with three ideal prompts for our pilot workshop. For the first workshop we solicited eight local musicians who are pretty well established in town and have been acquainted with each other either through a mutual friend or played at the same venue. As the attendees began to come in and converse about various projects they are all working on, I began to realize that whichever marketing guru ever said “Your customers don’t know what they want” must have been in a closed room working as a “lone genius” trying to come up with the next best marketing idea. Listening to the conversation going on in the room it was apparent that no one knows more about your product than your customers who interact with the product on a daily basis and often cover up their frustration with the products by finding innovative ways to supplement what the original product lacks or go buy a different product.


57:AnthroNews: SWAA 2009

14 04 2009

By Ashlee Dotson
Seven students from this years ethnography class will be attending the Southwestern Anthropological Association’s conference in Las Vegas April 30th to May 3rd to present a panel in the style of Pecha Kucha regarding various studies done by the students and the IPA. Pecha Kucha is a fast and to the point way of presenting; the presentations averaging about 6 minutes each. The title of the panel is “The Institute of Public Anthropology: Practicing Relevant Methodologies for the San Joaquin Valley.”
The first four presentations are related to the Library and the work done so far on the study; Ashlee Dotson will be presenting on “Inspiration vs. Confirmation: Navigating the Treacherous Waters of Ethnographic Methods.” While Alecia Barela focuses on “Renovations: The Remodeling of a Library and Reshaping of Student Scholarship” and Kimberly Arnold takes “A Glimpse into Student Life: Student Ethnography.” Dalitso Ruwe will discuss “Reverence vs. Reference Theory.” Felicia Salcedo and Jaime San Andres will be presenting on ArchHop and the work they did. Elfego Franco looks at “Ethnography in Business” and David Moore focuses on “Interdisciplinary Classes and Anthropology.”
So, wish them luck and a safe trip! And expect to hear all about it upon their return to Fresno.

57: DarwinAwards

14 04 2009

Taken from Darwinawards.com
Named in honor of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, the Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it.

Modus Operandi Misfires:

(01 March 1998) Randy Nestor, 28, was a considerate car thief. When the stolen cars became hot, he didn’t just abandon them, he torched them. Setting the cars on fire, he reasoned, helped the owners collect insurance on their vehicles. This criminal habit became his downfall. After a 10-year career of theft, Randy burned to death in Pittsburgh, PA in a van which he had set fire to from the inside. He hadn’t realized that the door handle on the driver’s side was broken. Friends tried to release him, but the door was locked. His burned body was found inside the van on Sunday.

56: Greetings!!

1 03 2009

Welcome back to Culture Inscribed, CSU Fresno’s Anthropology department newsletter!
We have a packed issue for you and hope you enjoy! Here’s what you will find:

1.AnthroClub Minutes by Ashlee Dotson and Selena Farnesi
2.Anthropologist of the Fortnight, Dr. Marchese by Chrystal Kinsella
3.AnthroNews: TheAnthroGuys blog by Dr Delcore
4.AnthroTerm by Chrystal Kinsella
5.Darwin Awards by Chrystal Kinsella (taken from darwinawards.com)
6.Central California Research Symposium by Dr. Mullooly

Please, feel free to make comments and suggestions. If you have any questions or have a submission please contact the me, the editor, at pinkmonkeycaru[at]gmail.com.
We are looking for people who are willing to contribute on a regular basis, so if you would like to or have any questions regarding what the ‘job’ entails, please contact me.

56:AnthroClub Minutes

1 03 2009

By Ashlee Dotson and Selena Farnesi
On Febuary 26th, 2009 the Anthro Club held the second meeting of the semester. Dr. Mullooly graciously paid for pizza for the 11 members in attendance.
In terms of old business, here is what happened:
The meetings will be held at 1:00pm in PB390. Our next meeting will be on March 5th (we hope to see everyone there!).
Chrystal Kinsella resigned from her administration role on the Anthro Club’s Facebook page. We want to thank her for the work she did in promoting and keeping everyone informed.
The new business is as follows:
The department secretary, Sherry Reich, planned on going to the Holy Land; as many of you know we did a garage sale fundraiser for her to fulfill her dream, at which we raised 700 dollars. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances the trip has been postponed indefinitely.
Sherry is very grateful to everyone who helped her raise the money and wanted to return the money to the club.
Ashlee Dotson and Kathryn Johnson motioned that the money be saved for Sherry in the event that she is able to go to the Holy Land, the members in attendance supported the motion.
The club made tote-bags as a means of a fundraiser last year. They were lost for sometime in Dr. Mullooly’s garage, but they have been located! We will attempt to sell them at the Fresno County Archaeological Society lectures that take place the first Monday of every month as well as at the Anthro Night Socials on the first Tuesday of the month.
The next meeting, as mentioned above, will be March 5th. We will continue having pizza, but anyone who comes must bring one or two dollars to cover the cost of the pizza as it is unfair for Dr. Mullooly to continue paying out of his own pocket.
Hope to see everyone there March 5th!

56:Anthropologist of the Fortnight

1 03 2009

By Chrystal Kinsella
Dr. Ronald T. Marchese

Dr. Ronald T. Marchese was born and raised in Fresno, CA. He got his Bachelors degrees in History and Anthropology from CSU Fresno and his Masters degree from NYU. All through out high school Marchese planned to become an Architect. It was in his early years at Fresno State that he realized architecture was not what he wanted to pursue. He had always been interested in Archaeology so it worked out nicely for him. He still uses all of his architecture knowledge in his archaeology work today.
He is a professor at the University of Minnesota, teaching classes in ancient history and archaeology. He also teaches graduate classes on the Minneapolis campus and undergraduate classes on the Duluth campus.
Dr. Marchese is the winner of two Fullbright Research Awards. With these awards he studied the settlement archaeology in Western Turkey. More specifically, he studied early to complex urban societies and landscape architecture. From this work he produced two books. Dr. Marchese has also done extensive work on ethnoarchaeology in South East Turkey.
Dr. Marchese would like to leave the students of Fresno State with some words of wisdom. If you want grant money for digs, you must generate a lot of research data. Also, Anthropology is more than just the classes. A person needs to extend their reach outside of the classroom while they are still a student. It is important for an anthropology student to learn at least one other language which can be used in the field.

56:AnthroNews:TheAnthroGuys Blog

1 03 2009

By theanthroguy (aka Dr. Delcore)

On Feb. 5, the Anthrogeek[Dr. Mullooly], six anthro students and I were down at this month’s ArcHop exhibit, a full-scale model of a small efficiency unit that, if built in a proposed development here, could be the first stop for people leaving homelessness in Fresno. We were there, with architect/collaborators Kiel Famellos-Schmidt, Shaunt Yemenjian and Mike Pinheiro, for opening night, as members of the public came through to view the model and give us their thoughts on high-density, affordable downtown living. The event was a success, crowded and bustling, with plenty of people willing to blab to our students who were on hand with notebooks, pens and cameras rolling. This past Feb. 14-15, we started Phase II of the project, with two participatory design workshops for homeless people who might eventually end up in these units. On Saturday, anthro student Elfego Franco, Kiel and I went down to Roeding Park where the folks at Food Not Bombs put on lunch for homeless people on the southwest end of Fresno every Saturday. Al Williams, a local homeless advocate and former homeless person himself agreed to recruit some folks for a workshop the next day at 2pm. We then met Mike and went to the downtown homeless encampment known as “Little Tijuana” to recruit for the 10am workshop. This means we went up to about 15 homeless people, sight unseen, to explain the project and see if anyone was interested. Despite some wary looks, most were, and we agreed to see them the next day.

[That’s not the end! To read the rest, and other blogs, go to: http://theanthroguys.wordpress.com/2009/02/16/bored-in-fresno-become-an-anthropologist/]